koth_vomitless b2


  1. Priest of Pasta
    Ever heard of koth_vomit? Yeah, me neither.

    Behold this mostly shitty map, koth_vomitless.

    An "improved version" of the little-known joke map koth_vomit_a1.

    I myself have yet to find the author of koth_vomit, or any other version of koth_vomit aside from a1.

    So I decided "Hey, why not?" and tried to make the map a bit less of a "shitpost".

    koth_vomitless is the result.

    Enjoy, I guess.

    (The original download was being bitchy and not updating properly, so this is a reupload with a hopefully fixed download.)
    01.png 02.png 04.png 03.png