koth_unknown_sector a3-1

A koth map. In SPACE!

  1. Patstrick
    My second map, and my first playable map. There is no detail (other than lights), no polish, and no skeletons hiding in the resupply closet I promise.
    Note: when I refer to "near" it means closer to the spawn point as "far."
    • The spawn has two exits, one on the left and right of the far end of the room. There are two stairwells that lead to a small spawn door each.
      • The spawn has a roof where engineers can't build.
      • The far wall of the spawn on the outside has a closet with a resupply cabinet inside of it.
    • Outside the spawn is a very small courtyard and a building with two entrances and three exits.
      • There is nothing in this building, but there will be sooner or later(?)
      • This building has a roof where engineers can't build.
    • Outside of the building in front of spawn is some cover and a large ramp that has a rectangular hole in it.
      • The hole leads to a few paths under the mid point.
      • There is a wall surrounding this hole.
    • Under the middle point is a rectangle path that is connected to each sides large ramps.
      • There are two sets of medium health an ammo on the left and right sides of this rectangle.
    • At the top of each sides large ramp is a main platform. The middle of this platform sits a large angular platform where the koth point itself sits.
      • There are two walls on each side at the very edge between the large ramps and the main platform.
      • There are two angular walls on each side of the angular platform on each side.
    • The angular platform has two large angular ramps leading to its top.
      • Between this ramp and the platform itself is a wall on each side.
      • The ramp has a rectangular hole where you can get under the point. There is a small health pack here.
    • The point itself is almost as high as the roof of each teams spawn.
      • There is a tunnel going through the point width-wise that connects to the holes in the ramps leading above.
    • The entire map is floating and has very little keeping player on the platforms and walkways.
      • If a player falls or is pushed off the map, they will be teleported back to their spawn and receive some fall damage.
    • This map is almost mirrored on both the x and y axis.
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