Koth_underground rc9

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fixed a barrel had clipping issue.
fixed some lighting issues.
fixed some spots that you can stuck.
added more clip.
the point trigger is bigger.
added the point area ( the duct tape each point has to show where the capture area is)
added 2 death pit signs
Version: Koth_Underground_rc8
in this version:
added for hint.
added more light.
fixed some general issues.
map changes:
fixed missing textures.
skybox is now smaller so it surrounds the map better.
fixed some issues.
the truck near the point was moved a bit.
added 3 props.
added more clip.
also outside red's spawn there is a small mine. the ground had a small problem and now its fixed.
fixed been able to place a building inside a rock. or get into inside a rock.
fixed a bug.
fixed ab exploit being able to place a building on a rock near the point (where the death pit is)
added more clip.
added more clip.
added area portal
fixed some issues