Koth_underground rc9

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Koth_underground rc9


Koth_Underground Is A Map Based On Underground Mines.
explore the map with its secrets.
try to capture the point and get killed by A Pyro Air blast you from the point to the deathpit.

Version: Koth_Underground_rc2
i uploaded version 1 to the workshop and it had a major issue players could place a building at the blu spawn. that is now fixed.

the map is made for Polis ranger he is an youtuber and he Gave me the opportunity to create the map he wanted.
he gave me info for how he want it to look and here are the results!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. map improvements

    fixed: fixed a barrel had clipping issue. fixed some lighting issues. fixed some spots that you can stuck. added: added more clip. the point trigger is bigger. added the point area ( the duct tape each point has to show where the capture area...
  2. just some fixes and improvements

    Version: Koth_Underground_rc8 in this version: added for hint. added more light. fixed some general issues.
  3. improvements to the map

    map changes: fixed missing textures. skybox is now smaller so it surrounds the map better. fixed some issues. the truck near the point was moved a bit.