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koth_trainhouse A1

Warehouse + Trainyard :P

  1. ScotOfTheDay

    Hi there,

    This is my first ever map and I hope everybody likes it. It is in Alpha. I am open to taking Suggestions and criticsm. The Map isnt symetrical but each team have major powers. Red has a Warehouse which connects Red Spawn to the point but Blu has a Train Car which can be climbed onto to reach the ovehanging bit. Each side has stairs running up to the ovehanging bits aswell. 20160329233330_1.jpg
    Main Point From Blu Spawn (Raised Point)
    Main Point From Red Spawn (Raised Point)

    Red Spawn

    Warehouse Connector From Red Spawn To Point And Steps to overhanging Bits

    20160329233234_1.jpg Red Spawn + Warehouse

    Blu Spawn

    Blu Spawn + Steps To Overhang Bits

    Train Car To Overhang Bits