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Koth_Titan_Event Beta_1.2

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Koth_Titan_Event Beta_1.2

Drop into a highly decorated joke like map with lots of cardboard cows and saws

I made this first thinking of it being serious, a map where you drop onto a floating island with the "hill" on it, but then I wanted to make a crazy map, i did such (With many mistakes in it) and moved on from mapping, until one day in november i thought of making a festive (event) version of it, so i put some halloween decorations up for red and i was gonna do christmas for blu but my computers ram stick fried, setting me back alot, i eventually fixed my pc and fixed many errors and here is the product (even though its in beta)

Yes it is small
Yes there isn't much cover
Yes you jump down a high distance from your spawn base (Into a small bed of water)
But that's what makes it fun
(Heavily Inspired By Ueak Crash's Koth_Trainsawlaser and Koth_wubwubwub)
Comment anything I should improve,I will add random events (if i ever get something to make them random work)
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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