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koth_tier a04a

A king of the hill map featuring lots of height variation.

This is a king of the hill map, featuring lots of height variation. Each team has a ramp leading to a position which has high ground over the point, but is very exposed from the side. Classes with vertical mobility can use this as a flank route.

This is my first map. Enjoy!
Mortimer Stroodle
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Minor a04a update to koth_tier

    - Added small transparent grates to the right side of the point to give a little more cover - Replaced ramps leading to the point with displacements - Altered some health pack locations - Removed a fence in the backline to open things up a bit
  2. Major a04 update to koth_tier

    An update focused on reducing the ability of enemies to reach spawn and making the left and right routes to mid substantially less cramped. - Moved spawn back and up - Rebuilt the area between spawn and mid to accommodate the new space - Players...
  3. Major a03 update to koth_tier

    This is an update focused on nerfing snipers, reducing vertical scaling, and making areas feel less cramped. - Reduced height difference between the control point and the low-ground - Reduced height difference between the control point and the...