koth_swell a4

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koth_swell a4

a king of the hill map with a well as the point

A king of the hill map with a well as the point.
This is my second attempt at a KoTH map with a well as the point
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. improvements + glass

    changed the sky box and lighting to make the map feel brighter made glass transparent (this may change) changed window design moved health and ammo packs added new health and ammo packs moved and changed sizes of some rooms added some more...
  2. sight lines and other stuff

    clipped all stairs reduced sight lines by adding new structures added a medium health pack in the side buildings at mid and overall improvements
  3. added some stuff

    raised high of buildings moved around placement of health and ammo decreased size of capture zone and made it more clear where it is removed the clipping on some roofs to make them accessible (this may change) added a ramp over a fence at mid and...