koth_stone_tower b4

A old stone tower that has been converted to a lightning harvest plant, in the middle of a storm.

  1. The ProfesSIR
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    The Mercs find a old stone tower that has been converted into a lightning harnessing facility, and fight for control. In the middle of a thunderstorm.

    Key Features:
    • Lightning will randomly(but frequently) strike the lightning rods scattered around the map.
    • Two main ways to enter the tower: Through the main entrance, or through a side entrance halfway up the tower. Be careful though, lightning strikes occur regularly here!
    • Plays on the weakness of all TF2 players... Looking up.
    • Lightning strikes the highest lightning rod five seconds after the point is captured.
    • Don't fall off the east side of the tower, or you'll drown.
    The frequency of lightning strikes is:
    -Side path is most frequent
    -The courtyard rods are second frequent
    -The main path rod is least frequent
    -The rod on the point goes off five seconds after it's captured

    This is the first map I feel is okay, but I have been mapping for a little less than year.