72hr koth_splattower A4

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(Any and all suggestions for getting the point to move based on the team riding it and for locating it would be greatly appreciated)
Major Changes:
  • A wild building has appeared! A building in between friendly spawns now allows teams to get up to the next level quickly and it also houses a full health pack.
  • Engie was hard at work replacing them lights. Lighting on the map completely redone from the ground up.
  • For whom the horn sounds. A horn is sounded based on where the point is. For instance, if the point is heading down into red's side you will hear red's version of the battalion's backup play. If its leaving blu's side then you'll hear blu's version of the buff banner.
  • The point doesn't get stuck between a rock and a hoovy place. No collisions on the point itself and if you are under it you will slowly be crushed.
  • The path is clear lets move on forward! New pathways have been created on the upper level to allow for easy access and better opportunity to do the thing!
Minor Changes:
  • Detail work was done water shout in between spawns. Now stop tripping over it!
  • Detail work on ramps by spawn. Stop falling up them!
  • Ramps removed on the joining sides of the upper level. They were more speed bumps then anything else.
  • Soldiers can't magically rocket up in midair over walls. They can still bomb you from there.
  • Heavy is still dancing in spawn but now he has a stage. Toss him a sandvich he works hard doing nothing but dancing!
  • Slight texture work. Go find them!
  • Made cube maps within the cube map.
  • Confirmed Half Life 3.
Big Changes:
  • Pool of water at mid was drained a lot! Its a long fall and you will die when you hit the bottom!
  • Dark Spots switched sides of the Force! Dark areas are now lite up.
  • Signs have been added so no excuse for getting lost now
  • Water Elevator has a blue light and death pit has an orange light. These lights are not portals so don't worry if you feel like you will be flinged into the death pit.
  • Mercy has been shown to the space bar! The pads at the corners of the pit became walkways.
Small Changes:
  • Amount of orange has been reduced. Find other ways of getting your citrus fixing.
  • Round Tower at mid has changed from dev to a concrete texture.
  • func_detailing was done so if you use a potato you should get good frames.
  • Confirmed Half Life 3.
  • Made crits fair and balanced.
  • Killed Dragons.
*before going any further, yes there are still dev textures. I'm not changing them until I get a solid map*
Big Changes:
  • Actual lighting! Full brightness has been evicted and environmental lighting has taken up residency!
  • Spawn has been expanded! It now has a prop second floor that can be accessed by the ramps outside or swimming up from inside.
  • Not all water is deadly. (If you couldn't tell by the last change) Only the water around mid is deadly now.
  • Some water has been drained out and made less toxic. You now get hurt for 50hp/s.
  • Point learned to fly! The point will now go up to the second level around mid.
Small Changes:
  • Sight lines has been balanced. (Bloody Snipers)
  • Health and Ammo packs added. (Go find them)
  • Signage indicating that if you fall in water you will die has been added.
  • Walls have been put up around the edge so you don't think you are going to fall off the world. Seriously the Earth is round not flat!
  • Health that was on the platforms have been moved off on to the mid area.
  • Minor details that you wont care about unless you drop frames or get stuck because of it.
  • The heavies have been told to not block you from the pointless corner.
  • Jump classes can jump near spawn. Better then sleeping I guess.
  • We role-played and I ended up being the master of doors putting some in needed places.
  • Confirmed Half Life 3.
  • Made crits fair and balanced.