72hr koth_splattower A4

Inspired by Splatoon designed for tf2

  1. The Needs and Wants Update

    DJ Sylveon
    *before going any further, yes there are still dev textures. I'm not changing them until I get a solid map*
    Big Changes:
    • Actual lighting! Full brightness has been evicted and environmental lighting has taken up residency!
    • Spawn has been expanded! It now has a prop second floor that can be accessed by the ramps outside or swimming up from inside.
    • Not all water is deadly. (If you couldn't tell by the last change) Only the water around mid is deadly now.
    • Some water has been drained out and made less toxic. You now get hurt for 50hp/s.
    • Point learned to fly! The point will now go up to the second level around mid.
    Small Changes:
    • Sight lines has been balanced. (Bloody Snipers)
    • Health and Ammo packs added. (Go find them)
    • Signage indicating that if you fall in water you will die has been added.
    • Walls have been put up around the edge so you don't think you are going to fall off the world. Seriously the Earth is round not flat!
    • Health that was on the platforms have been moved off on to the mid area.
    • Minor details that you wont care about unless you drop frames or get stuck because of it.
    • The heavies have been told to not block you from the pointless corner.
    • Jump classes can jump near spawn. Better then sleeping I guess.
    • We role-played and I ended up being the master of doors putting some in needed places.
    • Confirmed Half Life 3.
    • Made crits fair and balanced.
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