koth_spiral_pit a2

Fight your way to victory over a death pit.

  1. Jbcdu87
    Small king of the hill map I was working on, it ain't pretty, but its a lot of fun with some friends!

    nav_generate bots work OK on it, but they get stuck in some places which can be annoying[​IMG].

    Game-play example with bots:
    2015-08-21_00001.jpg 2015-08-21_00002.jpg 2015-08-21_00003.jpg 2015-08-21_00004.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. JMaxchill
    Version: a2
    Sightlines. Holy hell, those sightlines. The base layout (pathways etc) looks decent, but you can see across the whole room, which is basically what this is. Don't get me wrong, a room is a good starting point, but you need a lot more than that for a map. Try putting some walls in (floor to roof), see where that takes you :D
  2. Anonymous
    Version: a2
    Cool map, the design is very amazing so when it's textured it could become a great map