Koth_Slimewater a2

A simple, soggy boathouse brawl

  1. FragBait
    My first TF2 map, hurray!

    This Koth map that gives the game's water mechanics a great deal of prominence. Allot of TF2 maps don't use much water, for obvious, mumbling reasons, but now that the Pyro has more tools to compensate for and totally circumvent his biggest weakness, I may as well give it a shot.

    I'm not suuuure if I'll finish it, water might just be a gameplay deal breaker, but I'll definitely do more of this mapping stuff, it's super fun.


    1. Slime4.png
    2. Slime3.png
    3. Slime5.png
    4. A2Slime3.png
    5. A2Slime2.png