koth_simple a3

A fast paced map. This is a new map so I need testers.

  1. General Cuddles
    20160815130447_1.jpg 20160815130501_1.jpg 20160815130507_1.jpg 20160815130514_1.jpg 20160815130521_1.jpg 20160815130529_1.jpg 20160815130537_1.jpg 20160815130546_1.jpg 20160815130557_1.jpg 20160815130607_1.jpg This is my first map created for TF2. I will continuously update the map until I feel like it's done. I will always try to listen to the community's feedback. If you have an idea for the map, leave a comment and I might add it. If I do add it, I will be sure to credit you!

Recent Updates

  1. Update a3
  2. Lights Update