KoTH_Shipping_Wars a2

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KoTH_Shipping_Wars a2

Its new, and for once its actually improved!

I decided to make a new thread, as this is a completly different map bearing the same name. (I changed the actual name in the file, so dont worry about those issues.)
This map, now has layout, and its not overscaled.
Base layout from koth_plum. (credit to cox)
I did it all by myself mah!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

More downloads from Davekillerish

Latest updates

  1. A2! Tiny Fixes, big update :D

    - Optimizational Changes - Fixed the doors (hopefully) - Re-made area near deathpit, no longer grants hieght advantage to all classes - Added window on one of the flanks, for better sniping - HP/AMMO Pack move arounds
  2. No longer a temp map file, the official a1 release is here!

    I know its an a1, but I had to fix ALOT of thigns from koth_plum so ill mention a few - Fixed game logic (no cp's foudn in game error?) - Shrunk capture zone - Optimized skybox better - Added spec cams - Added and moved pickups - Fixed ALL THE...