koth_shipments a9

Welcome to shipments. A inside map. My first inside map. However my fourth map overall.

  1. Worked on Mid

    Added shipping containers stacked on mod to help with sniper sight lines
    did other things to fix bugs
  2. Bugs and stuff

    Added clippings
    fixed areaportals
    did other shit im forgetting
  3. Things & Bugs

    I should take pictures, nah ill do that for a8

    Added blockbullets
    Fixed some sniper lines
    Fixed sentry's being able to shoot through barrels & cracks
    Fixed areaportal bug that made it seem like a leak
    other improvements
  4. Courtyards & optimization

    Added another courtyard
    added areaportals for optimization
    Changed lighting
    removed balcony watching over mid
    replace balcony with protected drop down cage
    replaced balcony with tunnel behind where it was
    added ramp to get above to the tunnel easier
  5. Mid

    Updated mid
    Removed most of the trains
    Added another building in replace of the stairs.
    Worked on health kit placements
  6. Mid n stuff

    Redid mid.
    Check pictures.
  7. mid and stuff changed

    Changed mid to add more cover
    reduced sniper sight lines
    removed train
    changed vent that dropped down now combined and is a ramp basically
    moved health kits around
  8. fixed little things with little feedback

    Added skylights because why not.
    Fixed clippings on trains.
    Widened catwalk.
    Added signs and things.
    Updated localization files. :3
  9. Bugs

    Fixed bugs
    red/blu not spawning in correct locations
    Clipping issues