koth_rust b1

get gud or get shrekt

  1. Adam Wolfe (tf2)
    Ever wondered what it would be like if MW2 and TF2 met? This is a remake of the map "Rust" from the game Modern Warfare 2. This map is almost, if not, completely identical to the original. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be fixed. Also any feedback is welcome. Thanks, and have fun!

    PS: This map is only in BETA so complete details will be added later.

    20160905225228_1.jpg 20160909231251_1.jpg 20160909231349_1.jpg 20160909231423_1.jpg 20160909231531_1.jpg 20160909231548_1.jpg 20160909231621_1.jpg 20160909231749_1.jpg 20160918001033_1.jpg