koth_rust a2

Now with 10% more rust!

  1. Optimization

    Once again, continuing on the preparation for a gameday:

    -Threw a load of nodraw around the map
    -Closed in the skybox - it's now no longer a big blue box around the map
    -Added clipping on top of the buildings so that you can no longer get up to places you aren't meant to be
    -Made the skybox really tall. Really tall.
    -Added a couple more signs to help players navigate even better

    I did also run this map with 32 bots (sorry!) to see how much spam resulted from having 32 players around the central area. I have to say, I felt pretty pleased with the result, there wasn't too much space, and yet everyone fitted in nicely.
    Here are those two overview pictures I mentioned earlier (one with cl_leveloverview and one without):
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