koth_roughtops_a1  [72HR JAM 2020 ENTRY]

koth_roughtops_a1 [72HR JAM 2020 ENTRY] A1

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koth_roughtops_a1 [72HR JAM 2020 ENTRY] A1

My 2020 72hr Jam entry and my first map

This is my first map and (obviously) first 72hr jam entry. Taking on a time constraint( and a short one at that!) with making my first major project was daunting, yet fun. It was a real challenge and I definitely learned a lot from this. I'll be honest, I definitely could have focused more on things like lighting. I probably will work on this map and make new alphas after the Jam. ;) Could have got more done if my weekend was diff

The map takes place on the roof tops of a small dense town/city. The town might become flooded in future versions.
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