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koth_rockfall A7

Bolicob's First Custom Map for TF2

  1. The Return from Hiatus Complete Overhaul

    Prince Bolixob
    After almost half a year I finally had time to get back to mapping, and when I returned to Rockfall I just wasn't really happy with any of it. So I decided to scrap everything except the theme and start from scratch.

    This new version of Rockfall includes:
    • Better layout design
    • Actual map optimization
    • better brushwork
    • better theming
    • etc.
    Hope everyone enjoys!


    1. Annotation 2020-04-21 154107.jpg
  2. koth_rockfall

    Prince Bolixob
    • made high ground doors bigger and two-way
    • made space on high ground larger
    • new path and area underneath high ground
    • wall on one side of point
    • new health kit below point
    • reworked transitional area between point and spawn
    • fixes some bad sight-lines
  3. koth_rockfall - Overhall

    Prince Bolixob
    Completely reworked most of the layout for the entire map. Maybe now it will be more balanced.
  4. koth_rockfall

    Prince Bolixob
    Lot's of changes based on feedback and testing.
    • removed most of the underground area
    • added a slope to the pit below the point so characters with less movement can get out easier
    • changed the stairs by the sniper high-ground and added a oneway door
    • added move cover near point
    • and more stuff i probably forgot
  5. koth_rockfall

    Prince Bolixob
    New layout based on feedback.

    • Now much larger area around the control point
    • Widened many hallways
    • Changed health/ammo pack types and locations
    • Minor start on optimization
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