KOTH_Reds_office a7

Team reds office

  1. koth_reds_office

    added counter in blus spawn
    added rooms and paths in big empty rooms
    moved some props around in center room
    experimenting with making walls thinner. walls for the center room and the 2 new rooms are half the thickness.
    20220119203559_1.jpg 20220119203611_1.jpg
  2. koth_reds_office

    Raised ceiling
  3. Reds office

    Changed spawn room layout
    Added 2 new rooms
    Added more lights in the center room
    20200627231926_1.jpg 20200627231939_1.jpg 20200627231947_1.jpg 20200627231956_1.jpg 20200627231825_1.jpg 20200627231859_1.jpg 20200627231914_1.jpg
  4. KOTH_Reds_office

    Changed the map name to Reds Office
    Slightly changed the lighting near the capture point
    Changed layout of the 2 side rooms
    I've been thinking about making a CTF version of this map which is why I set these rooms up like this.
  5. KOTH_Small_Office

    Added 2 big rooms next to capture point
    Added an extra room in both spawn rooms
    20200607155431_1.jpg 20200607155457_1.jpg
  6. KOTH Small Office A2

    Removed All bright
    Added some props
    Added ceiling texture
    Added nodraw on the outside of the map
    Made capture point bigger
    Made screenshots
    20200604224648_1.jpg 20200604224724_1.jpg 20200604224601_1.jpg 20200604224622_1.jpg


    1. 20200604224648_1.jpg
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    3. 20200604224648_1.jpg
    4. 20200604224724_1.jpg
    5. 20200604224601_1.jpg