koth_quagmire a4

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Update to koth_quagmire_a4!
  • Changed Mid alot.
    • The roof has a plank allowing players to access it from battlements.
    • The hole in the roof has been removed.
    • The ramp leading up to the point from the Pit has been removed too, as well as the slope on the right side of the building.
  • Opened up the left route by removing the building and increasing the size of the ramp going around the corner.
  • Moved pickups around again
  • Made the ceiling higher in the spawn building.
  • Added some terrain textures.
  • Made the side route bigger and more open
  • Increased the height of the skybox, and made the very tippity top of the point building able to be stood on.
  • Very minor detailing, because why not.
Update to koth_quagmire_a2!
  • Moved the spawn rooms forward. They're inside the buildings now.
  • Added a building around the point. This should cover up the huge sightline that used to be mid, and provide cover to people on the point.
  • Moved the exit of the downstairs route.
  • Added and moved some pickups around.


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  • Added some info_observer_points, whoops.