koth_quagmire a4

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koth_quagmire a4

A koth map with a valley dug around the control point.

My first map I actually decided to try and complete. The point is inside a building, and there's a small valley around it.

No relation to the Family Guy character.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Revamped Mid alot.

    Update to koth_quagmire_a4! Changed Mid alot. The roof has a plank allowing players to access it from battlements. The hole in the roof has been removed. The ramp leading up to the point from the Pit has been removed too, as well as the slope...
  2. Minor layout changes

    koth_quagmire_a3! Made the side route bigger and more open Increased the height of the skybox, and made the very tippity top of the point building able to be stood on. Very minor detailing, because why not.
  3. Control Point building added

    Update to koth_quagmire_a2! Moved the spawn rooms forward. They're inside the buildings now. Added a building around the point. This should cover up the huge sightline that used to be mid, and provide cover to people on the point. Moved the...