koth_quadratic A2

A fast-pace koth map with competitive gameplay in mind.

  1. Jabba

    koth_quadratic is a fast-paced map intended to be used for competitive gameplay, but is of course applicable in pubs as well.

    There are multiple roll-outs available for both demoman and soldier with also other classes being able to quickly reach the frontline. The map is quite open, but sightlines for sniper have been restricted to an acceptable amount.

    This is of course A1 of the process, so there will be changes according to feedback.

    This is the first time I make a 'serious' map (besides jump maps), so I'm curious as how it will be received.


    1. red spawn.png
    2. blu first line.png
    3. point blu pov.png
    4. blu second line 2.png

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