Koth_Powercore B2

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Koth_Powercore B2

A map where RED and BLU fight over a reactor in a power facility

Why not am i right?
RED (Remote Electrical Division) and BLU (Big Light Underworks) are now fighting for the power of some unstable reactor (most likely not to code) just for the money. However, its not that easy.
You and 11 other mercenaries must fight to the death to claim the reactor before the other team does.
Best hurry thought, an all out war isn't to far away...
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. File name change and details

    -Changed most of the grounds to displacements -Added some details -Changed the file name to powercore since @14bit has a map called Reactor and i didnt know
  2. Finally in BETA!

    After 2 weeks of alpha testing, koth_prefab, now koth_reactor, is in beta! Note: Will now focus on details and optimization. Screenshots will be up soon, need some time. Now then, lets get some changes down. -Added a gate in Main building to help...
  3. Forgot to pack the map