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Koth_One a23

WIP that i adopted from Cox

The Revival Update!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

More downloads from NoT2BaD

Latest updates

  1. Im not dead yet

    Its been a long time since the last update, mostly because my schedule has gotten crazy with work and school. Updates will continue to come, but dont expect them too frequently. Changelog Changed the side building for a much stubbier one and...
  2. The Room to Move Update

    Been a while, but we're back with another update! +Map is beginning to get its identity solidified +changed some hallways/corridors near point to be less corridor-y -removed/closed off some doorways and windows to encourage different routes to be...
  3. The Rotation Sensation Update

    Major change up for a21, map has been changed from mirror to rotation symmetry, and an additional route has been added from the large geo building to the area near where ramp used to be around the outside of the building.