koth_northwaite A2

A king of the hill map set alongside a fairly open train station

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    Koth_Northwaite is a king of the hill map set in the fictional town of Northwaite. Combat happens in a train station and the adjoined courtyard. This is the first map I've pushed towards a fully playable build. The map is built for the London Asset Pack, and also uses some props from the Frontline Asset Pack.

    Courtyard and Control Point
    Battlements (Train Platform)
    Battlements (Outside)
    Red Spawn Room

    Most everything is still in dev textures because I want to get a lot of feedback on the layout and make improvements before pushing for a more polished build. Feedback is much appreciated, and feel free to be honest, even if it's harsh. (I have a lot of concerns with the design around the station and spawns myself, so getting feedback is critical.)

    In terms of uploads I've just submitted the VMF file here, but I think I need to do a few more steps in order to add it to the server map rotation, which I plan on doing soon.

Recent Updates

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