koth_nippy a5a

It's nippy outside

  1. Working on sniper angles

    I dinne ken

    Overview of changes

    • Changed the pickups a wee bit again.
    • Small alterations to the layout to negate weird sightlines.
    Specific changes

    Around Mid

    • Added another light to the overhang room. To better let people see snipers.
    • Moved the small health inside the overhang room to near its entrance. To slightly weaken that sniping spot.
    • Fixed the windows in the overhang room not having a texture. It should now be obvious that you can't shoot out of the two inside windows.
    • Changed the structure around the point somewhat to negate weird sightlines.
    • Added security_fences to the 45-degree corner near the entrance to the ramp room. It's to stop people from hiding there as easily. I may remove these again later.
    Lobby area
    • Fixed the window into the room with the slide not having a texture.
    • Changed the path below the room with the slide. The exit comes out around the slide now. Should make sniper sightlines a bit less punishing.
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