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koth_n2b72 A4A

The name will be updated eventually

So i didnt post screenshots for a3 during the 72hour jam, my bad. However,we're moving on to bigger and better things now. And i do mean Bigger. Ive decided to continue the development of this map, and Im quite pleased with how its going so far. The map has received a make over in terms of scale for both the spawns and the point area, and a new route has been added off the flank as well as a new entrance that connects yard to dropdown (i call it yard, its up to you tho). The foundry theme continues throughout, and the HDR works correctly now.

+New building that provides a new route off the flank route and access to the buildings on either side of point
+fence wall now has an opening for access to dropdown
+spawns have been expanded, the fencing removed, and the visualizers pushed up to deter spawn camping.
+Mid is now much larger and more open
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