koth_mountainmine A2

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koth_mountainmine A2

a koth map

Hey! Thanks for clicking this post, i want to start out by saying that im quite inexperienced with mapping since ive just started mapping...
I am posting the map here since i would really apreciate some feedback and ways i could improve the map! Aswell as that id like to know how to lower bloom in hdr lighting, since its too high?

Once you leave the spawn there are three diferent paths you can take, one that goes to a sniper area, another one that leads straight to the main courtyard and one that leads to a more flanky route.

Koth_mountainmine is going to be about red and blu fighting over a mine that is located in a mountain. Red and blu are fighting over this mine because the miners that previously worked in it found precious minerals.

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  1. Update #2

    - Added clipping at some crates leading to the sniper area to make it easier to climb up. -Added concrete blocks to help scouts and other classes get to the sniper area more easly. -Closed off a devestating sightline. -Turned the fallback route...