Koth_moontown B1

Halloween koth map

  1. Vulkán_07
    TF2 - KOTH - Halloween themed map

    The map has:
    - Ghost
    - Exploding pumpkins
    - Control point healer (new) (experimental)

    The timer is currently set to 5 mins.

    On map load, there will be a bunch of VPHYSICS errors, ignore them.

    Control point healer

    This is a new experimental feature for this map. It's designed to spice
    up the rounds by giving advantage to the activator team.

    - 15 seconds of +33 hp/sec (roughly) + ammo refill
    - the effect is only for activator team.
    - There's a 5 second delay before activation
    - Particles will indicate the effect
    - 40 sec cooldown after activation

    Activate cp healer

    Go in the white "portals" under the cp, go trough the rooms and into the other white portal. (The last room deals damage)


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