Koth_Milkrun A6A

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Koth_Milkrun A6A

Abandoned map

Its an all out war, no city is safe!
With all the troops out fighting, its time to take an easy target. Capture the town square to secure a good spot of supplies.
It is just a simple milkrun, with guns!
This is a competitive Map made for 6's and Higlander along with being a Frontline submission
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Leak fix

    Fixed the leaks in my map
  2. Public Playtest Feedback

    Thanks to the feedback of users who played this map at Midnight during the Improptu of the US, i have taken thier feedback into acount for this verion. I have made the map more open in gerneral I have fixed the clipping props I have removed...
  3. Playtest Update

    After having lots more playtesting, i have now created what if find to be the final Alpha version of Milkrun. Lots of feedback from my testers have made me improve this map and keep going. COuldnt have done it without my friends. On to the...