Koth_mexico Alpha 5

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This is one of the Bigger Updates, I took all the feed back with a grain of salt and greatly improved on the map, and lets get into the changes
Map Changes
-Added new opening to get to rooms now none of the rooms lead to nowhere
-Changed the flank so now there are ramps and cover around the area
-Added cover on the control point based of Suijin
-2nd spawn rooms now work properly
-removed the random crate in the middle
Made the skyboxes at red and blue's spawn higher
Visual changes
-made the river look like it's actually good
-switched out the gate with dev textures near the point
-Moved the camper van
-add a engineer and scout near the camper van
That should be all the changes
I hope I won't need to update the map until next year unless needed. Happy map making
It's been a bit since this map has been updated, not to mention the maps birthday is coming up, But lets get to the changes

-Fixed a shit ton of leaks
-Changed Lighting
-Point Is now lowered giving high ground above the point, not the point being the high ground
-Added Shacks To Red a blue side spawns with Large med and ammo packs

That should be all
If there are any problems make sure to comment it or say it in chat during testing
Happy Map making
Flank under the control point with a medium ammo pack
2 bridges near the cliff with the large Heath kit
2 new cliffs were added with medium ammo packs on both
added 2 small ammo packs near the flank route
changed some props around the map as details


  • 20220615182433_1.jpg
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high ground near the point

a sign near the death pit


the stairs now use bullet brush instead of player clip

changed the spawn closer to the battlements to look different

some walls have been changed func_detail

Thank you to users SB379 and Sono on discord


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resupply lockers

enemies can no longer enter spawn