Koth_mexico Alpha 5

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Koth_mexico Alpha 5

Mexico temple

The mercs have been told that if they could take one one of temples in Mexico they will get extra pay.

I got this idea from a friend
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Koth_Mexico Alpha 5

    This is one of the Bigger Updates, I took all the feed back with a grain of salt and greatly improved on the map, and lets get into the changes Map Changes -Added new opening to get to rooms now none of the rooms lead to nowhere -Changed the...
  2. Koth_Mexico Alpha 4

    It's been a bit since this map has been updated, not to mention the maps birthday is coming up, But lets get to the changes -Fixed a shit ton of leaks -Changed Lighting -Point Is now lowered giving high ground above the point, not the point...
  3. Koth_Mexico A3

    Added: Flank under the control point with a medium ammo pack 2 bridges near the cliff with the large Heath kit 2 new cliffs were added with medium ammo packs on both added 2 small ammo packs near the flank route changed some props around the map...

Latest reviews

Pretty good concept atm, though a little barebones. I do like that towering point which goes great with the Mexico theme and the general layout works. Hopefully with iterations and expansion on the idea, the map becomes better substantially.