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KOTH_Ladderal_Combat_Final v1 2018-8-25, V2

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KOTH_Ladderal_Combat_Final v1 2018-8-25, V2

Map I made for the Summer Jam centralized around an obelisk and ladders.

God this was a mess to make. I just hope it was worth it.

The map is just a basic KOTH map, but more based around height, then length. It has a decent amount of room for sentry, pill, sticky, and rocket jumping.

The main way of going up and down the platforms are ladders, which I tried my best to implement.

There are two ways to get to the point, either you go through the large, open warehouse/courtyard, or a small house useful for sniping and getting to some of the platforms.

The point is on top of a large stone pillar, which you climb up to get to. Or you can, you know, rocket/sticky/sentry jump over, or jump from one of the platforms.

This is my first map, and I tried my best to balance it and make it look decent. Please let me know what you think about it!

I might be releasing updated versions later, trying to balance it some more based on feedback.

If anybody wants the .vmf file to look at the map, I can give you an older version. If anybody wants the compile code, sure, I'll prolly reply with it.

Forgot to add the fact that I was using the Boojum Snark's Mapping Resource Pack -
And also Frozen's Base Entities Prefab -

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  1. KOTH_Ladderal_Combat_V2

    I just added two benches to spawn, and made the ladders better, slightly. Used Trigger_Push for the ladders instead of TF_COND_SWIMMING_NO_EFFECTS, which is what I was using before.