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KOTH Map, 72hr Jam Entry

  1. Frank1Tank
    My Map for the TF2 Summer Jam 2018.

    After the 29th I will be on holiday so this is my excuse on why the map was rushed and not uploaded on the 30th.

    So Apologies if I don't get to read feedback during that time. Anyway see ya, I'm in Malaga, Spain for a week

    Don't forget to DONATE to ABLEGAMERS, as they are trying to help people with disabilities in order to give they gaming PC's exclusively for them

    Used: ABS Gametype Library for point and logic.

    20180728220918_1.jpg 20180728220908_1.jpg 20180728220929_1.jpg 20180728220933_1.jpg 20180728220938_1.jpg 20180728220948_1.jpg 20180728220955_1.jpg 20180728221018_1.jpg

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