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koth_hill b1

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koth_hill b1

First TF2 map

Koth_hill is a king of the hill map I made after watching UEAKCrash's videos on map making. Since there are limited videos, I worked with what knowledge I had learned from them. This means that I am not entirely sure how to make everything look pristine and like valve made it. However, I feel like the map is quite balanced and fun to play on as every class.

The map is focused on two different things. The first of two things is the fun level. I designed the map with the idea that it should be fun to move on and fun to dm on. I think that I have successfully done these two things, as there is the possibility for almost every rocket jump or sticky jump that you can imagine, as well as many places for double jump accessibility.

The second thing I had in mind for the map is balance. Each class has their good places and bad places on the map. There is cover for the slower classes, and not entirely insane sightlines to keep snipers in check. Spies should have a relatively good time thanks to the numerous flanking routes and slight ledges, and pyro should have fun on the death cliff. Health kits and ammo are spread out at an even distance, so deathmatching should go on a lot. The map is also open, so you will have a difficult time bopping your head on the skybox, unless you really try to.

Enough rambling, here are some screenshots.

Feedback, tips, and bug reports are appreciated.
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King of the Hill

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