koth_highway A2

RED and BLU fight over a highway of greatly exaggerated importance

  1. Alpha 2 Update

    I made some changes to the map, I think this will be good for player testing.


    -Changed lighting in the spawn rooms to help highlight the resupply cabinets and the different exits

    -Added some cover to the point

    -Tidied up a lot of brushes

    -Removed all of the brush doorframes I made, right now they are just gross perch points. May add back later when I'm making detail geometry

    -Redid the tall buildings around the point so that there is a single level balcony, for better sightlines

    -Added a truck to the right spawn yard exit, to limit sightlines

    -Added crates to jump on by the left side building

    -Added capture zone markers and decals

    I still have some work to do with sightlines around the spawn yards, but this should be a good second version. :)
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