koth_hightide A2

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koth_hightide A2

A simple king of the hill map i made for the 72 hour jam

This is my first map that was put up for download on tf2 maps. koth_hightide was a map i created within 72 hours in the 72 hour jam between August 4th and August 7th. it is a simple king of the hill map that has a 90 degree curve to it. the map is set on a place on a beach (no idea why anybody would ever build a place on a beach but whatever) and the mercs gotta battle it out on the point which is suspended over the shore line.

now i admit that the map isn't perfect (my first map) with problems like a couple bad sightlines, a confusing point location and probably other problems i don't even know about yet, but i'd say this is good for a first try. thanks to all of the guys who helped playtest my map and the people who helped me out when i was confused, thankyou so much guys!
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