koth_highbridge a7

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koth_highbridge a7

A simple map featuring an enclosed control point for koth.

Each team has one way to the control point. A bridge, leading to a pit containing the point. Once you are on the point, you cannot get out unless you use explosive jumping.

Each class has had a well thought out function for this map, many being a clusterfuck in the bridge.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Sealed off bridge

    Doors to enter bridge have been removed due to popular request. You can only cap from outside now. New bridge texture Fixed control point symmetry Note: No sand displacement yet, still wip. Note: Still features the twin point.
  2. Prop fixes and performance

    Fixed the props to be the same on both sides. Hopefully fixed the performance issue.
  3. Level Height and Door Changes

    Moved cp onto a small hill. Changed mid ground floor gates to two-way instead of one-way. Added porches to spawn doors. New floor texture.