koth_guttersplit a3_1

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- Removed player Clip
- Added back the pipe beyond the point
- Added fence on ramp to sniper nest
Changlog :

- added A drop-down from the top of the point (from sniper-nest)
- Enlarged the saferoom near pier
- Raised Skybox
- Clipped the top of some building
- Removed the central pipe on the point
- Added cover near spawn
- Diminished cover at Pyramid
- added (?) door from balcony to Pyramid
- Removed the front wall of Shack
A small update that should fix the biggest mistakes of A2

Change log:

- shorter spawntime
- shorter captime

- No more lava Tower
- No more Middle pipe on point
- Healthkit symmetry is back
Change log:

- Improved visibility from sniper-nest.
- Removed Forward doors
- Fiddled with spawntimes
- Added a side route on the right to avoid Sniper Line of sight
- Increased gutter width
- Removed and diminished Healthkits
- Drop down from sniper nest can now be more stealthy
- Redisgned the lower room of the sniper building
- Realigned stuff with the grid and cut unwanted edges