72hr koth_guermange _reupload

king of the hill frontline! map featuring the well-known town of guermange in France

  1. Madaboe
    guermange - alpha map of the well-known town of guermange in France

    do you want an endless war? you should come to the well-known (former) town of guermange! we have everything you need. boats, trenches, destroyed buildings, we even have mines!

    the map is NOT finished, far from it. we started to work when we had about 30 hours left. we will submit the final map to theFrontline! update.

    most important improvements:
    spawnrooms(functional already but ugly as hell)
    the water(still has SOME bugs)
    the skybox
    and a LOT of decoration

    authors: _Crimiduck and Madaboe
    resources: ABS's Mappers Resource and the Frontline! content pack