koth_facility A5

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koth_facility A5

a pit surrounded by buildings that look like a factory or something(name not decided on)

2 small building connected to 1 large building make this map very fast paced and intense, sniper duals and rocket jumping solders can be found up in the buildings and scouts jumping between buildings are very common, airblasting pyros will find pleasure in blasting their enemy into the depths of no return. still in development but fun all around if you want to play objective or just kill people.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. map revision

    I took a break from mapping and now I'm back. with this update the map is a lot bigger and is a whole new map basically. a new middle area and spawns, more path options, and more vertical movement.
  2. clipping fixes and map changes

    fixed all clipping issues i had noticed and added fences on building to make it obvious that you cant rocket jump on certain buildings, made the main building explorable at your own risk, added some more verticality