Koth_evergreen a2a

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Koth_evergreen a2a

A Koth map where you fight over yet another shack

Evergreen! Where the trees are evergreen and the grass is temporarily green (subject to time of year).

This is the first map I'm proud enough of to post, after around 3/4 of a year of making maps and not doing so.

I originally had the orange oak tree and orange grass theme going on, but I then saw how people don't like that theme and changed it to this.

The Detailing in each of the spawns is the sort I would like to replicate in the rest of the map.

Images, yo.








Thank you to:

the Swamp Theme creators.
the Frontline Theme creators.
Bapaul for the Modular WWII Camp Wall model.
Boomsta for the Neon Signs.
tarmo- for the sawmill window, without bars. And for Buck for origi nally posting it.
Square for the wrecked delivery van; and Evil knevil and NassimO for originally making it.
Square for the Army Van and Jukebox for originally making it.
PSY for the Mirrored cliff walls.
Boylee for the mann.co shipping container.
Sikyanakotik for the graffiti. (it took so long to find the source, gad)
FubarFX for the pipes.
Fr0Z3nR for the end of the line windows.
And FrostHoneyJuice for the Lost archive assets.

And Valve of course.

p.s. don't step under the ladder
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