Koth_dustypit A1

dusty koth map

  1. Doodle.
    My first map, made for the 72HR jam. Set in a dusty pit somewhere in the desert.
    Tools used:
    -Hammer Editor
    -Boojum Snark's ultimate mapping resource pack

    Resources used:
    -YM's displacement libary
    -Landfall asset pack

    Known Bugs:
    A func_respawnroomvisualizer shows up above the point, but isnt there in the hammer editor.


    1. 440_screenshots_20170806182552_1.jpg
    2. 440_screenshots_20170806182440_1.jpg
    3. 440_screenshots_20170806182504_1.jpg
    4. 440_screenshots_20170806182621_1.jpg