koth_dusty b1

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-Decorated the area outside the RED spawn
-The area around BLU spawn is just a color-swapped version of the RED spawn,it will be changed later
-Added some props elsewhere

Please tell me what you think about the new detailing.
-Changed the buildings around mid a lot
-A few fixes
-Clipping improvements
-Messed up the overlays on mid
-The map took too long to compile,so I didn't bother fixing them
-Gonna fix them in the next update
-You can probably guess what this update added.
-Changed the route to mid...again.
-Decorated it.
-Decorated the mid
-Remade the spawn area and the routes leading up to it
-Made an attempt to optimize the map
-Probably failed horribly


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Turns out some of the spawns were for the RED team.
Why does this keep happening to me?!
-Added a mid zone between the point and spawns.
-Removed several health packs from the point.