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Koth_Ducttape01 2018-07-01

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Koth_Ducttape01 2018-07-01

My second atempt at a map.

A WIP King of the Hill map that I decided to create for my second attempt at using hammer.
The map is playable but has not been playtested and overall the map is very ugly (still in fullbright).

I am open to any criticism and suggestions on the map and I do plan on improving it. Although this is more of a fun project for me so don't feel offended if I don't use all of the suggestions

Things I like about it
- Lots of vertical space in the center for rocket/sticky jumping
Things I dislike about it
- Too much open space/lots of extra space
- Lower level seems a bit off (not sure why)
- Map is ugly as sin

Despite that I am happy with this and look forward to doing more with this
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King of the Hill
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