koth_Dirtway Alpha 2

A Simple, Direct, 3 Path Koth Map

  1. GrismarPicklemelt
    This is the early version of my first map, Dirtway.
    It's a simple KOTH map featuring 3 paths out of the spawn building leading to the central point.

    This map is in early development, and may be changed radically.

    The reason I added this map so early in development is because after getting the main layout I realized I didn't think of what I wanted to do after that. So I decided to upload it and get suggestions on how I should go about filling my map from fellow map developers.
    I have a few ideas on what else I could do, such as a little shack with ammo packs made for engies, seeing as engineers don't have any really good spots yet for anything besides trollgineering.

    What I currently plan to do before my next release of this map:
    -get playtested
    -add permanence to some of the features
    -fix any bugs/glitches that may be present

    If you decide to test my new map I would love feedback, both good and bad. I won't get much better as a mapper without it.
    My Idea/Theme for this map is for it to be like a rural desert highway, and seeing as desert is a very broad term, I decided to make the ground mostly dirt, hence Dirtway: Dirt Highway.


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