Koth_Dirtway A5

A simple direct Koth map designed for quick, high intensity matches.

  1. GrismarPicklemelt
    This is an early version of a map I like to call Dirtway, my first map.
    Being my first map it is very poor, by the time I realized some of the flaws of this map, such as little to no height variation, it was kinda too late.

    So enjoy this steaming pile of crap.

    ---Planed before RC1 of this map:
    -Finish the "waypoint" building
    -Make the building around the CP more balanced and not just be siting there
    -Make the map fun for all classes without over/underfilling the map
    -Add textures
    -Add a viable way to make snipers less OP without making large, in the way, objects/ buildings.

    ---To be changed/removed next update:
    -2nd unused floor of the big orange building
    -Health/Ammo rooms sticking off "waypoint" buildings

    If you decide to test my new map I would love feedback, both good and bad. I won't get much better as a mapper without it.
    My Idea/Theme for this map is for it to be like a rural desert highway, and seeing as desert is a very broad term, I decided to make the ground mostly dirt, hence Dirtway: Dirt Highway.


    1. dirtwaya4(2).jpg