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Simple and Very Basic indoor map.

  1. 24Boi
    The mercs are set in a faculty with forts of their own.

    An indoor map with the Spytech theme. I had to use references like cp_junction for aesthetics and cp_vanguard for the compartment at middle. The layout being very simple and small made it easy for me to follow up as I am a beginner.

    redside mid spectator.png
    Red Lower
    red lower.png
    Red Side
    red spawn.png
    Middle (Top view)
    mid spectator.png
    Blu Connector
    blu to red side.png
    Blu Spawn
    blu spawn inside.png
    Blu Connector to Middle
    blu sidehall to middle.png
    Blu Lower
    blu lower.png
    Blu Alternate Route
    blu alternate route.png
    Blu Alternate Route To Red Connector
    blu alternate to red.png
    red battlement room.png
    blu battlement room.png

    • (Both Battlement Rooms with the faded computer of their opposite color code are not solid for fun and a reference to a not solid computer prop in Junction) *Always used it to hide.

    What I think I should improve on:

    -Add more props around the map, Middle
    -More Details for the map
    -Lighting Placement
    -How the map and layout plays out
    -Too fast to get to middle,its a small map and bots run down middle with
    middle with bots.png

    I did this as a hobby and something for fun so that I can get into mapping more. I do look foward in improving it, making it better and having fun with it. This is my first ever map that I would share so feel free to leave some positive and informative feedback. Thanks and gl further ^^

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