Koth_dampton a2b

rainy, vaguely industrial KOTH map

  1. FaxMachine
    Welcome to koth_dampton, my first attempt at a finished map (not counting half a dozen half-finished maps that are going to stay locked in the basement for now because they were born with leaks and vertex spaghetti instead of limbs).
    It's like sawmill or something, but with more sadness!

    >Large, currently pointless crane thing
    >giant death pit
    >control point I guess
    >probably a banana
    20190223180028_1.jpg 20190223180002_1.jpg 20190223180100_1.jpg 20190223180207_1.jpg 20190223180322_1.jpg 20190223180333_1.jpg
    (A1 layout, in case anyone is wondering)

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